Around 70 million refugees live around the world. But despite political differences, it is people who love, miss, dance, hope, help, sing and feel.

This story is not about refugees, border police and quotas. It is about music and people who are looking for a secure future.

We can keep taking jewellery and clothing from them, and we can separating them from their families. We can hold them back from our borders, but we cannot take the culture and music from them. The music lives on in them, as it does with all of us. The joy, the euphoria, the sense of togetherness is here, and this is something we can all agree on. 

Music has no passport or citizenship. Music gives us hope and energy. It's easy to make us all polarised enemies, but music binds us together and reminds us that we are all human. Read the full article by filmmaker Morten Eisby

Episode #1 - Elijah and Michael

Episode #2 - Merhdad

Episode #3 - Salman

Episode #4 - Rayan

Episode #5 - Amine

Episode #6 - Kareem & Musikarama

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